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SATS Gauteng Chapter News (April 2013)

Dress Code “OUT OF AFRICA” that is what was written on the program for our first study day on the 16th March 2013. Wow! What a wonderful response we had. Our delegates really rose to the occasion and we had a coulorfull display of the most beautiful traditional dress that you can ever think of. It raised loud response from the audience when we displayed, and asked all involved, to share some information on the dress and group they represented. Certainly resulted in response from our audience, and loud applause!

Having said that, I must however also compliment our speakers, on the way in which they addressed the topics allocated to them. "Bring Back Basic Training" was our theme and even if you were an “OLD HAND” there was a lot to remind you of those elementary things, that is done automatically, and why it is important to remember and practice correctly.

Thank you to all the company representatives for sharing their expertise with us. Much appreciated!

The WHO has implemented a Safety check list that can be adapted to suit the management of any clinic or hospital, one of the many safety rules that we should practice at all times. We have to make sure that we cause no harm to those in our care, and that adverse events are detected long before it ever happens. Adverse events not only cause harm to patients, sometimes irreversible harm, but damages the reputation of our proffesion, our organization and the hospital we represent. Personal damage to your life and that of your loved ones, can not be measured, and must be avoided at all cost. Implementing a few simple rules can change dangers into challenges, and peri-operative practitioners have proven that over and over. They are creative and pro-active every day of every year.

On the 16th March we had an attendance of 120 delegates. They came from as far as Rustenburg, Carltonville and Vereeniging. Thank you to all, for your support and making our effort worth while! The President gave some feedback on the upcoming Congress in Cape Town. This event must appear as a high priority on all peri-operative practitioners calendar for 2013. Visit the SATS web site for more info or contact anyone on the SATS Gauteng Chapter Board.

It will be Easter soon, and we wish you a blessed time with friends and family. For those travelling be safe, for those not so lucky, remember YOU can make a difference right there where you are! ~

Together in peri-operative care anything is possible. See YOU next time

Villi Pieterse
M de Meyer (President) 084 561 3995
V. Pieterse 082 747 7187