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Gauteng Chapter News (August 2011)

At our study day on the 6th August 2011, we had the privilege to listen to E Klinck speak on the new Consumer Act. Well that was an eye opener! If you have not given this a thought, now is the time to do so. The impact that this Act has on all health care workers is astounding. We were reminded that every patient in your care is a consumer, and will be protected by this act. We will be in the same position as every Checkers or P&P. You either produce, in the correct way, or you will be charged. I would like to encourage all Chapters to include this in a program as soon as possible.

The rest of the program was as interesting as the previous speaker. We addressed such topics as Negligence, ethical challenges, those every day rules of using equipment safely, and very important the Safety in our hospitals, It was absolutely shocking to hear of a doctor being shot after attending to a child, and the nurse stabbed, without anybody coming to their rescue. The Safety of all health practioners are not only entrenched in the SANC Rights of Nurses but is guaranteed by our Constitution.

As always we had an excellent turn out, 105 delegates attended the program, and it was just great to welcome you all. Our AGM is scheduled for our first meeting in 2012. The President and the Board would like to encourage all members to attend this important meeting. The minutes of the previous AGM, as well as a nomination form for election to the Board, will be on the way to you soon. It is your right as a member to participate in the process of electing a Board for the Gauteng Chapter. It is however important that if you nominate a person to serve on the Board, that this person is willing to serve, and is aware of the nomination. Each Board member has a Professional Profile, and the President will make it available to you on request. We really need your support, so that we can plan for succession timorously. This will ensure a smooth Transition when the time comes. If you need more info on this process feel free to contact any of the Gauteng Board members.

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Best regards
Villi Pieterse