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SATS Gauteng Chapter News (August 2012)

As we come to the turn of the season, and move into spring and summer, we realize that the year 2012 is now in its downhill faze. But what a year it has been! The SATS Gauteng Chapter hosted three very successful study days, with an average attendance of 100 delegates per study day. We did active marketing, not only for our own Chapter but for the benefit of the Organization in totality. We have seen Peri-operative practitioners show their keen interest in what we stand for, and many new faces joined us at our meetings. This means hard work from every member of the Board, but if the results are positive, it makes it worth our while.

On the 25th August the theme for our program” Identifying the Risk” addressed such issues as When can we say NO to overtime?? “Resuscitation in recovery, Retention of Staff, and more! Our speakers were well prepared, and the audience participation active, and very relevant. Our great full thanks go to these experts for sharing their time and knowledge with us. If YOU were not there, you missed out! We also realized how important these topics on staff issues are, to our members, as stories of workplace abuse are still present, and if you do not know the Law that Governs your practice, you can be in the losing line. SATS will always endeavor to keep you up to date, and informed on what is happening in the work place, but YOU have to be at the study day!

The SATS website has provision for questions and answers, and I would once again like to invite you to visit our page, and let us have some lively discussions. Together we can make change come about. Remember we are no longer the hand maiden to the surgeon but his partner in achieving the best care for those dependent on us. There are only 2900 peri-operative practitioners registered in SA. That is an alarming small group to meet the needs of a population of 45 million! We need to start thinking out of the Box, to meet the ever increasing demand for services. On the web page you will also find all the information on next years Conference. Remember there are benefits for you if you are a member. Keep yourself updated by visiting the website regularly.

The last of our programs will be on the 27th October 2012 at the offices of Kimberly Clark. Do not miss this special program, when we close the year with another 4plus program!

Unfortunately there has also been sad news, and we know that some of our colleagues have lost loved ones; we know that some friends have passed away, or experienced illness. To all of you our heartfelt condolences, on your loss, and to others we hope you will be better soon! We will keep you in our prayers. To our friends at Kimberly Clark and all the other members from commerce, thank you for your support. We can do nothing without YOU!!!

From the President and the SATS Gauteng Board, our best wishes, be safe, be prepared, identify the risk, speak out, and together in Peri-operative care we will do it!!!

Villi Pieterse (082 747 7187)
Marilyn De Meyer(084 561 3995) (President)