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APPSA Mpumalanga Chapter News (June 2016)

“Tis skill, not strength, that governs a ship”.
This is the words with the most impact that we have come across recently. This is so true with regards to our governing bodies in our profession. If we as managers and the managements of the hospitals could empower our subordinates as to improving their skills and knowledge; what an unstoppable force we as a profession would be.

Those words were never more so true in the case of our recent study day, which took place on the 11 June 2016 at Emalahleni private hospital. We had dynamic speakers who empowered us all that had attended to strive for utmost perfection.

Me Shoki Nonyukela showed us the importance of having CPD points for nurses. This will help us to keep up to date on all the latest training requirements and trainings that are so readily available for nursing staff. This will also mean that most of us need to step out of our comfort zones to be able to keep up with new developments and to constantly improve ourselves to grow with our profession. By implementing this, we as a profession also deliver better customer service and we tend to “get back to basics”. As the CPD system teaches us to give the best customer care while upholding all our standards to international standards and values. It imprints in us a sense of pride and empowers us through knowledge.

Me Ulundi Behrtel, a qualified attorney with extensive experience in law and ethics in healthcare also addressed the attendees of the study day. She also serves as a member of SAMA research ethics committee and moderator for the advanced medical ethics course offered by the foundation for professional development. She addressed us on Informed consent and circumcision consent. We as a profession need to visit her webpage” www.ulundibehrtel.com” and ensure that we are familiar with all new legislation with regards to informed consent, as there are more and more cases in court where the customer are suing the doctors and hospitals with regards to informed consent. We leave our selves vulnerable to this, by accepting that the doctors have obtained the consent and signing with the patient, without fully understanding ourselves of what we are signing. We as professionals need to be vigilant in our work, to avoid the impending pitfalls that will occur in just following in our old footsteps. The customers have a lot more accessibility to information, and through that are more knowledgeable about their rights. We therefore need to also be knowledgeable, to avoid being caught sleeping on the job, so to speak.

Out of all 44 persons who attended the study day, I think we speak for all when we say: this was a scary wakeup call to improve and keep updated with the latest developments. To improve ourselves and inform the institutes we work for about new developments. This is not only our duty, but our privilege to give our customers the best care we are able to give.

With the next two study days upon us shortly we hope to see even more peri operative practitioners joining us in growing. The next two dates are the 6 September 2016 and the 5 November 2016. Please keep these two day’s open so long in your calenders.

Greetings and Blessings to all.
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