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SATS Gauteng Chapter News (March 2014)

We have moved into the third month of 2014. At this stage of my life it almost feels as if time is spinning out of control. No sooner have we celebrated Christmas, when Easter appears... Winter is sending out signals and then it will be spring! And back to Christmas and soon we will be celebrating the coming of a new year once again.

On the 8th March the Gauteng chapter hosted its first educational programme for 2014. Delegates came from far and wide. The total number of those attending came to 114. They came from Rustenburg, Vereeniging, Pretoria, Limpopo and many other hospitals. Indeed it was most encouraging for the organizers to see how much their effort was appreciated.

Speakers addressed a number of controversial topics. One such issue was the question of masks gowns and caps. Let me assure you that the speaker from Kimberly Clark convinced me once again of the importance of these items as part of the Peri-operative practitioner’s attire. I believe that in some hospitals it is now standard to come to work in your scrubs, you only have to change your shoes before you start the day. To my old fashioned way of thinking, that spells disaster!

The role of the Peri-opertive practitioner as a partner to the surgeon and member of the team was once again emphasized and we learnt a lot more about the new Qualifications Frame work which will be implemented as from next year. However, I think, we need a lot more education on this subject to fully understand the changes.

Question time was lively and we all realized that some of our colleagues work under the most difficult circumstances. They need our encouragement and understanding.

The objective of each of our programmes will always be ongoing education, and that is why it is so important that we share our knowledge with one another. I do hope that when you go back to your hospital that you will share whatever new information you acquired with all your friends. Never forget to encourage them to join you next time.

The Gauteng Chapter has moved on to the next level, the technological age. Please take note of the following:

In future when you attend any of our gatherings your credit and debit card will be accepted for payment of your membership fees, registration fees as well as the buying of books. This will reduce the risk of carrying cash, postal losses as well as the frustration of standing in the line at the bank.

Where possible, the papers delivered at the gathering on 8 March 2014 will be available on the SATS website and will also be published in our special SATS journal.

At the next educational day to be held on 21 June 2014, you will receive more detailed information about next year’s conference, as well as the criteria for all the bi-annual awards to be presented at the congress.

It is important that you identify the STARS who need to be acknowledged for their hard work. The executive will consider all the nominees and select accordingly. In my opinion just being nominated for an award is already a great achievement.

On behalf of Mrs. de Meyer (President Gauteng) and all the members of the Gauteng board I wish to thank you for your ongoing support

To our friends from Commerce—we can not do it without you!

Please send us your identified needs list and we will endeavour to bring you the latest information on all of your concerns.

Together, in Peri-Operative Care, we can achieve anything!

Best Regards,
Villi Pieterse (Board Member Gauteng)
Marilyn de Meyer (President)
SATS Honorary Life President.