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SATS Gauteng Chapter News (October 2012)

You have been chosen! A very profound statement in any persons mind. But still very true! My opinion on this would be ,that most of us in the Peri-operative setting, will have come a very long way to be where we are know. Things happened in your professional and personal life that resulted in You being peri-operative practitioner.I believe that nothing happens without reason. We are where we have to be! The place where we can deliver the best care, share our knowledge and grow in our Professional and personal life. That is what our last educational program emphasised. You would not have attended if you had not been chosen, to be a peri-operative practitioner!

There is a multitude of challenges in our profession. New training programs and outcomes for qualification are in progress. Are they for the better? I do not know, but we will have to challenge each outcome and deal with it in its own right. How do we put our teams together, how do we do Skill mix in our teams, Does it affect the standards of care, and will we be more open to malpractise,if we do not think about our actions. Mrs Nelouise Geyer opened our minds to this in her talk.

Once again the educational program was challenging, exciting and very informative. Our motivational speaker challenged us to show courage, to not be afraid to stand out. Never forget to give positive feedback, to your team, your children, and friends, as this positive re enforcement is what makes the ugly duckling BELIEVE she is a SWAN. This positive re enforcement can make your team the best, and they will achieve the ultimate in their goals because they believe they can do it!

October of every year is Breast cancer month, and we included a speaker from “”Reach for Recovery”” in our program. They do exceptional work amongst breast cancer patient, supporting those newly diagnosed or recovering after surgery. We also showed our support for that day and the delegates did wear the pink outfits. RN.Busi from Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital won a gift for the best dressed lady in pink.

We are at the end of 2012. The New Year will come with its own challenges, but we believe that we are ready, and prepared. You our members have encouraged us to plan positively for 2013. We know we can count on your support, to make Gauteng the Chapter that shows growth not only in numbers but also in knowledge.

The SATS Gauteng President and Board thank you for your continuous attendance, your participation, and your membership of the Gauteng Chapter! Do not forget that 2013 is Congress year. You have to put that in your diary as most important. Remember that you can nominate a deserving colleague for one of our many outstanding awards. The details will be in your journal. We can never show enough gratitude to our friends from commerce, and Kimberly Clark for the many ways in witch they support us. It is much appreciated.

From us to you---- the President and Gauteng Board--- May the festive season be blessed for all of you. Be safe, and if you are on Holiday ENJOY!! We will be ready with another exciting program for you early in 2013. Do not forget to go to the SATS website for more info and some lovely pictures. Remember You are the SATS Gauteng Chapter! You are FANTASTIC!!

Together in peri-operative Care

Villi Pieterse