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APPSA Gauteng Chapter News (October 2015)

The well - known talk show host Oprah Winfrey said on occasion “It does not matter who you are or where you came from, the ability to triumph begins with you always” In all of our lives on a daily basis this is true. We all have challenges, disappointments, highs and lows, but if you take a positive step in the direction of overcoming you will emerge as a winner.

As we come to the end of another year, I am reminded of a snowball. It begins small, but soon starts gathering momentum, getting bigger and bigger all the time. When we get to winter, it is almost as if it has become unmanageable, as we are challenged with work, social and financial problems that roll on endlessly. But then comes spring, and most of the dark days disappear and blue skies emerge out of the darkness. All those daunting challenges become insignificant, less important as the snowball loses momentum towards the end of another year. And so here we are almost at the end of 2015! And what a year it has been!

Our chapter managed 3 educational programmes, up to the time of this letter. We sponsored 19 attendees to the conference in Bela- Bela. We were instrumental in the writing of the new Constitution. The coming about of the organisation’s name change was most certainly a historical moment. The awards ceremony saw one of our own members being the recipient of the Villi Pieterse Trophy for the second time. A number of our members were nominated as honorary members and the Gauteng Chapter President received the Joyce McGuireTrophy for outstanding service to Peri-operative care.

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity” (Albert Einstein) Due to changes in management at Kimberly Clark we also had to find another venue for our study days. However, disappointment soon turned into elation when Medhold offered their conference facilities to us. Medhold insured that the change- over went smoothly, and has been most supportive in every way. Our appreciation goes to them but also to Kimberly-Clark, and all our other friends in commerce for their ongoing support.

Through the identification of arising adverse events in hospitals we scheduled our programmes so that they included some of these identified needs. We addressed anaesthetics, the law, infectioncontrol, pain management, paediatrics and many others. Thank you to those that gave of their time and knowledge to keep us updated. An average of 130 people attended each of our programmes. Attendees travelled long distances, to attend, but always arrived with a smile and enthusiasm. We salute you!! A special word of appreciation goes to the members from Bush Buck Ridge. What an achievement to travel to Gauteng to attend an educational programme! It speaks of dedication.

We also embarked on an outreach programme, and were instrumental in the formation of a sub group in Mpumalanga. Thanks to the theatre managers and their team of the EP hospital in Emahlahleni. We are planning to build on this in the future, by visiting Limpopo and North West, and I do hope the Northern Cape will join in. Congratulations and our best wishes to our friends in Mpumalanga please support them if you live in their area.

Throughout the year we have also experienced sadness, through the loss of life of members or member’s loved ones! Our heartfelt condolences go to all of you! Our President Marilyn de Meyer has met with a serious back injury, and we as the Gauteng Board and members wish her a speedy recovery.

Our last programme for the year will be on 28 November. This will be inspirational but also very informative. So do not miss this opportunity to prepare yourself for 2016. Remember to diarise the following dates 5th March 2016, 21st May2016, 6th August 2016, 22nd October 2016. These are the provisional dates for next year. We planned it outside of school holidays, long weekends and public holidays, with an approximate interface of 10 weeks between programmes

Last but not least I would like to leave you with the words of the great Mr Mandela

“”When the history of our times is written, will we be remembered as the generation that turned our backs in a moment of crisis or will it be recorded that we did the right thing”” (2005)

To all of you be blessed, travel safely, and to those unfortunate ones that have to man our OR’s over the festive season, remember you are where you are needed!

God bless you all.
Villi Pieterse (082 7477187)
Marilyn de Meyer (President)