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SATS Gauteng Chapter News (September 2014)

Have you noticed the beautiful colours of the trees this time of the year? They look fresh clean and very alive. This happens almost without us noticing. Today they all still appear dry, yellow and brown, and by tomorrow they are all dressed up in fresh new colours. The trees remind me of the passing of time. Most of 2014 has come and gone. We are planning holidays, Christmas functions, and many of us have to deal with children writing matric exams. Sometimes this is quite a scary experience, but then one sees how nature rejuvenates itself, and what sometimes seem so unattainable, becomes as easy and inevitable as the changing of the seasons.

Our first educational programme at the offices of Medhold was once again a major success. Thanks to You! Delegates turned up from Klerksdorp, Pretoria, and many, many other hospitals. Excellent information was shared with delegates by our formidable speakers, many questions were asked, and if it was possible discussions would have gone on well into the afternoon.

Our grateful thanks go to all the staff members of Medhold who planned and executed this event with precision. The food and other refreshments were well prepared and delicious. Our appreciation and thanks also go to all our other friends from commerce for their support on the day.

Mrs. de Meyer shared some valuable information on the upcoming Conference that will be hosted by the Northern province in Bela Bela All detailed information is available on the website www.theatrenurse.co.za or from your local Chapter Board members. Special rates are available for paid up members.

It is once again time for you the members of SATS to indentify colleagues that have impressed you with their dedication and commitment to peri-operative care over the past two years. The criteria for a number of awards are available on our website. If your candidate meets these criteria and are a SATS member, please nominate them for one of these awards, and please do not forget the students. More details on this will be shared with you at our next and last meeting for 2014 in November.

You, the delegates and members are the strength of this organization. Nothing that we plan will be successful without your participation and support. To you we say “”Thank YOU’’. Keep on doing what you do best. Continue supporting SATS Gauteng. By doing so, you will be enhancing your knowledge and skills to be the best peri-operative practitioner that you can be!!

From the President and the Board—be safe, keep well and GOD BLESS.

Villi Pieterse (011 892 1566/082 747 7187) (Hon life President)
Marilyn de Meyer (084 561 3995) (Gauteng President)